Students sleep in class, frustrate teachers

Nicole Setser, Reporter

April 4, 2011

     I know we’ve all seen that kid; you know, the one in class that could sleep through a hurricane. He could sleep through anything at all, no matter what’s going on. He’s snoring, drool is pooling up by his mouth,...

Nutrition Sensation provides alternative breakfast

Michael Costello, Reporter

April 4, 2011

    Nutrition Sensation is the newest fad in Monroe. It is located on 40 N Roessler St. and is the popular breakfast spot for many Monroe teens.      The club serves Herbalife meal replacement shakes in 36 different...

Diet pop tastes bad, does not help diets

Nicki Kostrzewa, In-Depth Editor

March 25, 2011

     For the past few years, diet pop has been available in Monroe High School’s cafeteria. However, the main question that pops up in student’s minds is, “Isn’t diet pop just as bad as—and possibly worse than--regular...

Volunteers feel happy

Katie Gerweck, Feature Editor

March 25, 2011

     Although the technical season changed to Spring on March 20, winter weather seems to be hanging on. The cold, gloomy weather can be frustrating for many people; one of the biggest challenges is to find something to occupy...

Icy roads prove hazardous

Rebecca Harwood, Reporter

February 12, 2011

Icy roads: a big concern to the large percent of the student body that drives to and from school every day. Are you prepared for the slippery Michigan roads?      “I just make sure I brake super early before stop signs...

Students compete in Florida

Kelly Schmidt, Newspaper Editor

February 10, 2011

     Michael Peven and Tyler Hensley are two seniors who have shown that dedication and hard work pay off, literally. They are flying down to Disneyworld today, Friday, Jan. 14, at noon to compete in a Scholar Gamers contest.     ...

2012 worries World

Destiney Jennings, Reporter

January 24, 2011

Next year is the year on which everyone has been focused. Worries are that 2012 may be the end, and that has tons of people terrified. Since this year has begun many people have started becoming more concerned about what next...