MHS takes precautions to prevent spread of Coronavirus

Gabriella Anderson, Editor

Superintendent Julie Everly addressed the Coronavirus and the precautionary measures Monroe Public Schools is currently working on in a letter sent home to all MPS families and staff. 

This is in direct response to governor Gretchen Whitmer’s announcement Tuesday night addressing the two found cases in Michigan and announcing that we are in a state of emergency. 

Tomorrow at a designated time, teachers at MHS have been instructed to play Whitmer’s speech and address health precautions. 

Currently two upcoming events at MHS have been cancelled, choir festival concert and the play “Alice in Wonderland,” both of which were to be performed this week.. 

Swimming states being held on March 13-14 will allow no spectators, only coaches. Gymnastics finals will only permit parents and coaches.

View the link below to view live updates on COVID-19 in Michigan.