REVIEW: new ‘Wednesday’ adaptation is a must watch

Bailey Benvenuto, Reporter

Iconic pigtails and a wardrobe of black. Our grandparents knew her as Lisa Loring, our parents knew her as Christina Ricci, and now the world knows her as the breakout former Disney star, Jenna Ortega. Wednesday, the new hit Netflix series directed by Tim Burton, has crept into the hearts of viewers worldwide. 

The series takes a different approach to the classic Addams family tale by focusing on eldest daughter, Wednesday Addams. We get to watch her navigate her way through the challenges of attending a boarding school where she is no longer only surrounded by “normies”. Wednesday finds herself at the center of a classic murder mystery case that she is determined to solve.

I would give this show a ten out of ten snaps. From the emo dancing to uncertain love triangles, audiences, myself included, remain captivated. With its entrance after the spooky season of late October, it is most definitely an annual Halloween rewatch. With the mix of nostalgic Addams Family characters and themes and a touch of cringey and unfortunately accurate Gen Z humor, it has become one of my all time favorite series. 

(Warning: potential spoilers ahead) My favorite character relationship was the unlikely duo of Enid, a wannabe werewolf determined to prove herself to the pack, and Thing, Wednesday’s ‘right-hand.’ As Thing enters the show in order to keep an eye out on Wednesday for her family and Enid is the bubbly anti-Wednesday roommate that eventually warms Wednesday’s cold black heart. Thing and Enid find themselves dependent on each other as they both have Wednesday’s best interests in mind. If you were contemplating on whether or not you should give this show a chance, I would stop whatever you are doing and immediately find your nearest device that has Netflix and tune in.