BTS required to enlist in mandatory military service


Gracie Kansier, Reporter

The members of BTS will be required to enlist in mandatory military service according to their label. The eldest member, Jin, is said to leave at the end of October, after the release of his solo single album “The Astronaut.”

Following the release of their anthology album ‘Proof’, we can expect that the members will be focusing on solo projects and moving forward with their service according to their own individual plans. As of right now, there is no clear news on when each member of the group will be enlisting, but we can expect the group to be together again by 2025.

This news was released publicly on October 17th, “BIGHIT MUSIC is proud to announce today that the members of BTS are currently moving forward with plans to fulfill their military service.” They continue on with talking about BTS’ groundbreaking impact on K-Pop and as well as their success as a group internationally. 

This is ending months of debate over whether or not the group should be exempt due to their accomplishments and what they have contributed to their country. Under the law, mandatory enlistment for men is required, but there have been exemptions for athletes and artists that have given national honor to the country. This has sparked a large controversy on the groups enlistment, due to their international success and their contributions to the South Korean economy. 

However, this does not mean a hiatus for the band, as they will continue to release solo projects throughout the coming years and are looking forward to returning as a group once again in 2025.