Homecoming 2022 King Candidates

Tristan Mann, Chief Editor

Dan Rhoades

Track and field athletes run pretty fast, as does Sonic the Hedgehog. Guess who has a pet hedgehog? Dan Rhoades.

Rhoades, on top of having a pet hedgehog, is also a member of the track team. He not only runs on track, but also is running for Homecoming king this year.

Rhoades’ favorite part of Homecoming week are the games because they, “are super hype and fun.”

Caleb Lowden

Every class has a president, and the president of the senior class, Caleb Lowden is running for Homecoming king.

Lowden, on top of being the class president, likes to watch movies. 

He also likes to watch the Homecoming football game because, “It’s always the most packed game of the year and it’s always a lot of fun.”

Gaige Carr

Need insurance? Gaige Carr, Homecoming king candidate can help you with that. 

While working for Williams Insurance Agency he has also become the treasurer of the BPA chapter at Monroe.

Carr has no food allergies which is why he’s able to take full advantage of Food Court during Homecoming week. He says, “I finally get the chance to eat good food at school.”

Drew Scznsny 

Names can be hard to pronounce. One of the hardest names to pronounce at Monroe is Drew Skis… sisn…. Skisisni.. Scznsny. Drew Scznsny. Drew is involved in many of the sports offered at Monroe, including football, basketball, and baseball. 

Drew’s favorite part of homecoming week are the different theme days that there are.

Kellen Roberts

Baseball is a classic American game, enjoyed by millions of fans across the country. Kellen Roberts, a Homecoming King candidate this year happens to be committed to playing baseball for the University of Evansville. 

Along with his commitment to baseball, Roberts also is a member of PPI, a club that focuses on positive peer influence for students of Monroe Public Schools. 

Roberts’ favorite part of Homecoming week is Food Court.

Jude Stamper

Friday nights in the fall are always eventful, the lights, the commentating, and the fans. Friday night football is one of Jude Stamper’s favorite things to go to. Stamper, a Homecoming King candidate, is also a member of the scouts organization, NHS, and is a member of the University of Michigan Basketball team. 

While being passionate and representing his favorite teams, Stamper also likes to represent his school, with the theme days during Homecoming being his favorite part. He said, “anything but a backpack day is the best theme day by far.”

Elijah Yeamen

One big part of Homecoming week is the football game, and what would a football game be without a halftime show. Elijah Yeamen, a Homecoming King candidate this year is a big part of that. 

Being in the band it’s no surprise that the football game is one of his favorite parts of the week. He says, “My favorite part of homecoming week are the fire beats we get to play during the halftime show.”

Gabe Sweat 

Many students like Mr. Justin Heck as a teacher, but this year’s Homecoming King candidate Gabe Sweat loves him. Along with his love for Mr. Heck, Sweat also loves watching the same Netflix shows over and over. 

Sweat also enjoys watching the Homecoming Football Game, where he can hang out with friends and watch them play in the game.