Homecoming 2022 Queen Candidates

Mackenzie Longfellow, Chief Editor

Lexi Schade

The Homecoming Dance is one of the token events for Homecoming and one of the candidates this year, Lexi Schade, has pretty much spent their whole life dancing competitively.

Schade is also a part of the Student Council and is on the MHS advisory council. She works with other students from around the school to decorate and plan for the week. Schade says that this school spirit is one of their favorite things about Homecoming Week.

“I love the sense of community that is brought about through Homecoming Week.” 

Colette Charnock

Homecoming takes a lot of planning done by the Student Council and this year, candidate Colette Charnock, has played a big role in doing just that. 

Charnock is not only an executive board member of the Student Council, but is also the secretary for the Class of 2023. With this amount of school spirit it is no wonder that one of her favorite things about Homecoming Week is being able to dress up for the theme days. 

Tess Eshenroder

There is always a big student presence at the Homecoming Football Game and one of the ways that the crowd stays fired up is by the cheerleaders. One of this year’s candidates for Homecoming Queen, Tess Eshenroder, is on Monroe’s Varsity Sideline Cheer and said that one of her favorite parts about Homecoming is the “Pep Rally because it gets everyone fired up and is a ton of fun!” 

Ava Funk

Even though Homecoming Week is a lot of fun, it can be very tiring with all the events that are going on. For a candidate it must be even more draining, no wonder that candidate Ava Funk said her favorite late night activity was just sleeping.

Funk is also a part of sideline and competitive cheer and 4H making her schedule busy even outside of Homecoming Week. 

One of her favorite things during Homecoming is dressing up for theme week. 

Tillie Henderson

One of the many exciting parts for Homecoming are the beautiful dresses that people wear and candidate Tillie Henderson has a little knowledge about that, seeing as she works at Enchanted Shoes. 

Her favorite part of Homecoming Week is being able to wear the sash because she gets to feel like royalty.

Amber Miletti

At the Homecoming Dance, many songs are played to hype everyone up and get them moving, some of Amber Miletti’s favorite songs are by Taylor Swift which is a sure play at the dance.

Miletti is also a part of Drama Club making it no surprise that one of her favorite parts about the week is being able to dress up.

Julia Puruleski

The halftime show at the football game is a big deal, not only does the crowning take place, but the band gets to put on a great performance. This might make it difficult for queen candidate Julia Puruleski as she is a member of the band and will have to race between the events. 

She also said that one of her favorite parts about Homecoming is being able to support the team through cheering and playing at the halftime show. 

Brynn Reece

A common sight at the football games among the cheerleaders and football players, is the amazing student section, but the cheerleaders aren’t the only ones who keep them fired up throughout the game. Candidate Brynn Reece is the president of this year’s Pep Club and works hard at motivating the student section in their support. 

With all this involvement with pep she said that she most enjoys the football game and the pep rally.