MHS new Assistant Principals

Ava Gulley and Gracie Kansier

There are some new faces in the Assistant Principal’s office at MHS this year. Mandi Bomia is the new junior class assistant principal, and Bryant Weems takes the position as the sophomore class assistant principal. 

Bomia has worked with Monroe Public Schools in the past and is spending her 20th year teaching here at Monroe High School. She was previously at Monroe Middle School and was in charge of student activities, like running pep assemblies. 

She enjoys sports, like basketball and football, and is looking forward to being in charge of student activities here at Monroe High as well!

Bomia mentions that she is excited to be a part of MHS and is looking forward to forming relationships with students and members of the school. 

“I enjoy being involved, the students here seem like presents.” Bomia says. “I’d be there for you guys, not just sporting events, but like choir and band and musicals. Just being involved and making relationships with kids.” 

Bomia is enjoying her new role at MHS. 

“I love it here! It’s a very fun place to be at, the staff is amazing and you guys are amazing.” Bomia said. 

The other new addition to the AP staff is Weems. Weems has been working in education for 10 years. He loves working with kids, as he has previously worked in various different areas of education. 

He has been working as a teacher and administrator for the past 9 years and is spending his 10th year as the sophomore assistant principal at the high school. He loves music as well as sports and enjoys going to football games and seeing the student section support Monroe Trojans.

“I’m looking forward to learning more about Monroe.” Weems says. “I lived in Michigan for the majority of my life, but I’ve never spent any time in Monroe.”

Weems expresses his interest in Monroe and looks forward to meeting new people.

“Everyone I spoke with that mentioned Monroe, they talked so highly about the town.” He said. 

Weems describes his experience during his hiring process. 

“The entire interview process really made me feel welcome.” He said. 

Feel free to stop by and give the new faculty a great Monroe Trojan welcome!