Stranger Things season 4 plays out more gruesome compared to other seasons

Part two to come in July

Rikki Loose, Reporter

Recently on May  27, Netflix released the first section of season four, of the popular sci-fi comedy/thriller series, “Stranger Things,” with section two set to release on June 1. 

The first season came out july 15, 2016, and since then, the series has entertained millions. The show was written and directed by Matt and Ross Duffer.The two have made the show very successful over the past two years. 

The show has so far been based on The Upside Down, Demigorgains, missing children and so much more. However, in season 4, part one, the directors have brought a lot of real-life teenage drama into the show, including: problems that the LGBTQ+ community people face, relationships (positive and negative), long distance relationships and friendships, problems finding values, PTSD, depression, night tears, drinking, smoking, drugs, cop system, anxiety, eating disorders, what people think of you, etc. 

The cast of Stranger Things are amazing at acting and bringing those scenes to life, starring Joice Byers, Hopper, Will Byers, Eleven, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Sinclair, Lucas Henderson, Max Mayfeild, Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler, Jonathan Byers, Robin Buckley, and Murray Bauman. But the show in the newest season has added a few new characters including: Eddie Munson, Argyle Franco, Jason Carver, Vicky, Chrissy, and Dmitri. 

The show is a thriller; however, season four has been the most gruesome. The show has found a way to advance the make up effects, adding more realistic looking scenes. The show has also given watchers a new monster that does more than the demogorgon and mallrats did.