Furkas leaves MHS to be principal at Riverview High School

Caroline Wozniak, Reporter

Assistant principal Jen Furkas recently announced that she took a job as principal at Riverview High School and will be leaving MHS. The switch in jobs comes after three years at MHS, with her last day at Monroe being June 30. 

One of the things Furkas said she will miss most about MHS is the relationships she has with all the students here. 

“It’s been great to be able to have time to like, sit with kids one on one,” Furkas said. “But definitely the people, like the people that I worked with here, the students and staff have been the best part of the job.” 

Furkas mentioned that she hopes the legacy she left on MHS will be a positive one. 

“I hope my legacy will be one of fairness, kindness,” she said. “I hope when people think back on me and how I was that I had high standards, but I really wanted people to treat others with respect and kindness. I tried to live that way here.”

She also said that she is looking forward to her new job as principal at Riverview. 

“It’s a really close knit community where they have deep roots that’s really similar to how Monroe is. There’s a ton of pride, and they offer a lot of programs,” Furkas said. “And so I’m excited to bring the knowledge that I learned from the team that I worked with here to there as well.”

Furkas said that although she is excited for her new job, she is feeling a little nervous. 

“I’m a little nervous about being principal. I didn’t really even think I’d be a principal or aspire to be that so I’m a little nervous,” she said. “I’m hoping it’ll allow me the opportunity to be pretty visible, and that I’ll get to go to a lot of stuff.” 

Furkas said that she is eager for Riverview and Monroe to play each other in football.

“Riverview’s last home game is against Monroe,” Furkas said. “I’ll have to make a shirt for half Riverview and half Monroe.”