OPINION: New Detroit Lions draft offers hope for the struggling team

Peyton Renwick, Reporter

The Detroit Lions football team has been struggling the past few seasons, and they had a lot to make up for. Their last playoff appearance was back in 2016, and they are constantly battling just to get a winning record. If there is one way to lift the Lions back up, it would be the draft. The draft allows seven picks per team, so picking accordingly could build off of any weak spot on your team. This is exactly what the Lions did, they filled in the weak spots with fresh players. 

The Lions did not waste time with their first pick and it is understandable. They had drafted Aidan Hutchinson, a defensive end from Michigan. He can power through the offensive line, and get to the quarterback and running back. I believe he will benefit the Lion’s pass rushing game and bring safety to the side he is covering. In my opinion, this was the Lion’s best pick of the 2022 draft. 

The second best pick would be Jameson Williams. William was a former wide receiver from Alabama, and he is able to pass any cornerback and score with ease. The only issue with this pick is that Jared Goff might hold him back this season. If Goff can find him open in the field, Williams can be a deadly asset. His athleticism and height makes him the perfect pick. 

After the draft of Aidan Hutchinson, the Lions still wanted to build off of their defense. They ended up drafting Josh Paschal, a defensive end from Kentucky. I believe the Lions will take advantage of his versatility, and use him as a pass rusher and edge. He is a good addition to this team’s defense.

These were the top three picks in my opinion, based on what they can produce for the team. Most of the Lions draft picks were phenomenal, but these three players really stuck out. It is exciting to see young talent head to the Lions, and even more exciting knowing that they could turn this team’s season around.