OPINION: The best and worst of fashion at the 2022 Met Gala

Isabella Cicero, Reporter

On the first Monday in May, the annual Met Gala was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The theme for the 2022 Met Gala was Gilded Glamor, which in simpler terms is fashion inspired by the  1880’s-1900’s  (the time period when Vogue was started). Some say that this theme is too much like last year’s theme, American Fashion. Many of Hollywood’s top celebrities took the carpet and expressed their creativity while staying on theme.



Many people would agree who the best dressed at the Met was. Blake Lively wore a custom Versace gown that changed from bronze to green, symbolizing the Statue of Liberty (Insider). Futher, Lively’s train resembled Grand Central Station. The train had a design including the 12 zodiac constellations that are painted on Grand Central’s ceiling. This easter egg also was symbolism from the Lively’s hit show that led her to stardom, Gossip Girl. 

This is a controversial opinion, but another celebrity who could go under the category of best dressed is Kim Kardashian. Kardashian showed up to the Met in Marilyn Monroe’s vintage dress, which she wore to sing “Happy Birthday” to President JFK in 1962. According to Vogue magazine, Kardashian spent 14 hours dying her hair to get the platinum blonde effect. Kardashian had many jaws on the floor with the look, but also many people were upset about it. In my opinion, it is a very stunning and unique idea to use a late celebrity’s looks, rather than spend thousands of dollars on a new one. Further, while doing so, we can remember the late star herself.



Marvel star Sebastian Stan showed up to the Met in an all hot pink Valentino outfit. The outfit consisted of a pink shirt, pink coat, pink pants, pink shoes, and pink sunglasses. The outfit itself did not fail to turn heads, but it was not on theme at all. Stan would have had an amazing outfit if he was going to Coachella or a music award show. Stan’s look just had no business being at the 2022 Met (GQ). 

Another celebrity who makes the worst dressed list is Gwen Steffani. On the night of the Met the 52 year old singer showed up with a neon yellow dress made by Vera Wang. The look itself is not horrible, but it was not on theme at all following the bright color (Good Housekeeping).