New Detroit Lions draft brings excitement to fans

Peyton Renwick, Reporter

On Apr. 28 through Apr. 30, the 2022 National Football League draft took place in Los Angeles. This draft brought needed help to the Detroit Lions, and it may lead them to a great season. Fans cannot help but be excited to see how their team will change in the upcoming year. 

The Detroit Lions have had many issues with both their defense and offense. One major draft pick that will alter the Lion’s defense was the pick of Aidan Hutchinson, an edge from Michigan. Aidan was dominant at Michigan, and most NFL fans knew he would not make it past the first round of picks. They drafted him in the first round, and did not waste any time on picking him. The Lion’s originally had ten minutes to choose their pick, but they only had to use less than sixty seconds.  Another huge first round pick by the Lions was a wide receiver from Alabama, Jamesom Williams. In order to pick up this All-American receiver, the Lions had to trade up with the Vikings. This was a very bold move by the Lion’s general manager Brad Holmes, but it is talent that they needed on their team. 

Moving onto the second round, the Lions drafted another edge Josh Paschal. He originally played for Kentucky, and had won the Jason Witten Collegiate Man of the Year award in 2021. Not only that but he is versatile, and will have a great leadership role on defense. As we see already, the Lions are trying to stack up their defense as best as they can before starting the season. 

Adding onto their defense the Lion’s selected Kerby Joseph, a safety from Illinois. He was the only player in the nation last season with five plus interceptions and 3 plus fumble recoveries in the regular season. Again, another great addition to the team. He will bring great backfield safety for the Lions. 

Skipping the fourth round and moving up to the fifth, the Lions drafted James Mitchell, a tight end from Virginia Tech. He is two hundred and forty nine pounds at 6’4”. With his size, he is a great blocker and is very durable through contact. This is exactly what the Lions needed for their running game.

As the Lions moved into the sixth round, they once again hoped to add onto their defense. This time, they drafted a linebacker from Oklahoma State. His name is Malcolm Rodriguez, and he only stands at 5’11”. Do not let that deceive you, as he can still take down many players on the field. In the same round the Lions drafted another edge, this time it was James Houston from Jackson State. What is so special about this player is that he has a great combination of size and speed. This makes him an outstanding pass rusher, hence why his nickname is the “problem”.

Last but not least, the Lions had selected cornerback Chase Lucas. It may take time for him to play in the big leagues, but once he forms the skill and confidence, he will be dominant. Arizona State helped shape this cocky but impactful player before they parted ways.

This draft brought many versatile, skilled, and leaders to the struggling Lions team. Their last playoff appearance was back in 2016, and they are constantly fighting just to keep a winning record.