OPINION: Overturn of Roe v. Wade to attack personal rights

Caroline Wozniak, Reporter

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito wrote an initial draft overturning the famous Supreme Court case that has set a precedent for many others, Roe versus Wade. The draft, showing that the majority of the Supreme Court would vote to overturn Roe versus Wade, circulated inside the court until it was obtained by news organization POLITICO. (POLITCO.com)

The draft Alito wrote is a full-on reversal of the original Roe versus Wade decision, which originally guaranteed full constitutional federal protection on abortion rights. Alito drafted the proposal in February, but it was recently leaked to the public on Tuesday. 

If the reversal goes through, abortion rights would be up to the individual states to decide whether to allow it or not, setting our country back 50 years in women’s reproduction rights. We would see states that have a democratic majority keep it, and states with a republican majority put harsh restrictions or outright ban abortion all together. (POLITICO.com)

Some states, like Michigan and Wisconsin, have pre-Roe laws banning abortion, dating back to 1930. If Roe were to be overturned, then abortions would immediately be illegal in states that have those laws. However, states like California and New York are beginning to add policies to their state constitutions, ensuring that abortion access will permanently stay. (KHN.com)

People living in poverty would be the group hurt the most by this as many do not have the money or access to travel to a state that allows abortion.  

Not only would the reversal of Roe take away the reproductive rights of millions, other things could potentially be banned after it. The right to abortion is currently protected under the 14th amendment, the right to privacy. (Washingtonpost.com)

Birth control could be next on the supreme court chopping block if Roe is overturned. Both things are both protected under the right to privacy, so if one goes, the other could go also. It is a slippery slope; if the government can find the grounds to take away one fundamental right, then they can surely find ways to take away others. (Today.com)

As a society, we cannot allow this attack of personal rights, of personal choice, to go through. I urge you to get involved.

Now is the time to act.  Donate to a trusted fundraiser or find a protest and participate. Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing, use it to ensure that the rights of millions are protected.