2022 NFL Draft keeps fans guessing

Peyton Renwick, Reporter

With the 2022 National Football League draft coming up, there is chaos amongst many teams. This chaos has been shocking fans, too, as many of their favorite players are leaving their respective teams. Further, the players that are being traded are the last players that fans expected to go. 

On March 23, it was confirmed that Tyreek Hill, a fifth round pick, has been traded to the Miami Dolphins. He was a wide-receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs for six seasons. The Chiefs ended up trading him for five different draft picks, including a first-rounder. The issue is, with his speed, the Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is one of the only quarterbacks that are capable of keeping up with this speedster, and Hill moving to the Dolphins could hurt his route running a lot. 

Another big trade is Melvin Ingram’s. He was a defensive end for the Los Angeles Chargers before moving to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now, he is heading to the Chiefs. The Chiefs only traded a sixth round pick for him, so it was pretty fair. He is a great pass rusher and can successfully pursue the quarterback whilst putting a lot of pressure on him. The Chiefs may have lost Hill, but Ingram could be a great addition to their defensive side if they can mold him correctly.

A smaller but important trade for the San Francisco 49ers is Charles Omenihu, a defensive end out of Houston. The Houston Texans only traded him for a 2023 sixth round pick. Omenihu would be a staple for the 49ers defense, as he is a heat-seeking missile. He is a hard player to stop, and when he wants to get to the quarterback he will punish anyone who gets in his way. 

There are still more important trades to come, as this is a huge part of the NFL. We see a lot of shifting in teams as of right now, and a lot of these changes can affect a lot of these teams poorly. A prime example being Tyreek Hill, as he was a main point producer for the Chiefs.