MHS choirs receive all ones at MSVMA festival


Autumn Knight, Reporter

On March 4, MHS hosted a MSVMA (Michigan School Vocal Music Association) choral festival, which was mostly organized by MHS students. Each of the two choir sections, Monroe’s Concert Choir and the Generations of Sound, got to perform two songs each.

The Generations of Sound performed “Come Live With Me,” and “Three Hungarian Folk Songs.” Tying with another school for the highest score, they earned ones for their performance. After months of hard work and practice on these songs, junior Gabby Forester noted the recognition the students received from other schools about how well they organized and handled the event. She also described the payoff from the festival.

“I loved watching all of our hard work coming together in that moment and hearing us beautifully perform,” said Forester.

The Monroe’s Concert Choir sang “Lacrymosa” and “Cantar,” receiving a one as their overall final score. Sophomore Natalie Charney said she loved the sense of community with all of the different schools.

“I really loved talking with different students from all across the southeastern part of the state, and I was able to learn a lot from them and their experiences,” Charney said.

One of the most demanding tasks that the choir students had to do was sight reading. Charney expressed this.

“I would say that sight reading was a struggle and that trying to pick apart notes can be a difficult task,” said Charney.

Charney and Forester shared the same views on this topic, but are both proud of the personal and group accomplishments they made before and during the festival. So, despite the struggles, the students’ persistence allowed them to excel.