Monroe varsity bowler finishes in the top 40 at states

Ella Hensley, Reporter

Monroe High’s boys varsity bowling team recently went to the state finals on March 5, with senior Blake Cabrera placing in the top 40.

Cabrera has had a life dedicated to bowling, with a break in between his long career.

“I started when I was six, and I have been playing since,” Cabrera said. “I did take a break when I was 10, though.”

Cabrera said he likes the atmosphere of bowling, and after taking the break, he realized other sports weren’t for him. 

“After I quit bowling, I started soccer, but went back to bowling,” he said. “Bowling is a ‘really serious but really relaxed at the same time’ kind of sport.”

At states, Cabrera did not start the first game, how he intended, due to his nerves. 

“I was really nervous for the first game, and I shot badly,” he said. “I shot a 137, they shot out a really hard pattern and I also had a new ball. But really, I was just nervous. It was really challenging and overwhelming.”

Cabrera said when he practices, he is able to have fun but still get some practice time in. 

“I usually just go to the alley, bring a couple buddies with me, and play a few games. You are having fun, but at the same time, you are practicing.”

Although Cabrera has had a successful career so far, he said he does not plan to take it any further after graduation. He is considering an adult league, however. 

“I plan on just joining an adult league, because let me tell you, winning money is fun,” he said. “I can’t really put it towards college as I plan to go off to trade school, but if they offer an adult league, I will definitely join that.”