MHS welcomes new Student Service Provider

Zoe Leach, Reporter

In February, Tammy Smith started her work at Monroe High school as a Student Service Provider after previously working as a hospital social worker for 10 years. 

Smith specializes in mental health support, how to deal with severe anxiety, and severe depression. She is a MHS Alumnus. 

After graduating, she continued her education at Monroe Community College, which she attended for two years before moving to Ypsilanti. Smith obtained her bachelor’s degree in social work at Eastern Michigan University. 

She then moved to Southern California, but ultimately decided to return to Monroe for family-related reasons. 

The MHS Registrar Jennifer Devenish said that Smith has a lot of skills that she is bringing to the table, and that she has good experience in this line of work. 

“We’re super excited to have her, she brings a lot of experience,” Devenish said. “She’s coming from a hospital setting and she’s a valued member of our community, we’re super excited.” 

Smith said she strives to help the youth of Monroe work through extremely stressful and overwhelming situations, believing that she can help open them up to the different ways of  dealing with stress.

“I feel like it’s a good opportunity to meet with younger adults who are still open to the different ways to deal with stress,” said Smith. ”I just feel like it’s a different phase in people’s lives, and I feel like people are more open to change and a kind of progress can be made to make a difference within you.”