MHS hockey players begin new season

Mackenzie Longfellow, Assistant Social Media Editor

When thinking of winter sports in Michigan, it is common for the well known northern sport of hockey to come to mind. With the season well underway for the Southgate/Monroe United team, players who attend Monroe High School talked about some of the challenges and successes that has faced the team so far.

Senior Garrett LaBeau discussed how even though the team has a short bench this year, it has taught them the importance of each player, and that has been one of their strengths.

“Our biggest strength is how close we are with each other,” said LaBeau. “With only eight skaters and two goalies, we have to rely on each other big time and we have done that all season. We have five seniors on the team and we have all definitely taken control and bonded well, which has led to our success.”

A typical roster for a hockey team consists of 20 players, with 18 skaters and two goalies. This means that the Southgate team typically has around 10 less players than any team they play.

LaBeau also talked about how the season has gone so far and compared that to the events of last season.

“The season so far has been a definite success. We have been competing with every team day in and day out. Especially after the previous season with only having one win everyone doubted us and we have been proving them wrong. We are off to our best start in a season since we combined with Southgate,” said LaBeau.

Junior Christian Koskza-Lombarto talked about how even with the struggle of having less players, this team is different from any other team he had been on before. 

“Even though we only have eight skaters, we have the most heart and put in the most effort then any team I have been on before,” said Koszka-Lombarto, “I feel we work well on the ice together as a team and move the puck nicely.”

Koskza-Lombarto also said that he most enjoys the time the team spends together on and off the ice.

“My favorite part about the team are the bus rides and the times that we spend in the locker room before and after the game,” said Koskza-Lombarto.