Monroe’s basketball teams begin new season

Peyton Renwick, Reporter

This year, basketball is back and the Monroe High School boys are just now starting their season. The freshman and junior varsity teams have played one game already while the varsity team has yet to play this season.

The freshman team is excited to kick off their season. They had their first game on Dec. 12 in Chelsea and lost, giving them a record of 0-1. Freshman players Ayden Viers and Weston Fraser are both really confident in the team and think that they have great potential. 

“I am feeling confident about the start of the season. I’m very excited about all the upcoming games and to be able to learn how to communicate and bond with my teammates. I think it’s going to be a great season, we will have losses and we will have mistakes but as a team we will have to learn to fix our mistakes and become a greater team,” Fraser declared. 

“I feel confident in the players on this team that we can win a decent amount of games,” player Ayden Viers stated. Overall, the freshman seem really excited about their season, and can’t wait to play in every game no matter who the team is. 

The junior varsity boys ended up beating Skyline in double overtime 64-62 on Dec. 10. This was a great first home game for the boys, and they set a good tone for the upcoming season. A player, Brandon Bice had added that, “we have talented players and hard workers, and that we have the potential to be a winning team if we put the effort in,” said Bice. To add on, another player Logan Loveland had said that “we are a winning team, and have a solid group of kids.”

The varsity team had played Skyline at home and lost, making them 0-1. Although they lost, they are still going to bring great amounts of energy and intensity to the court. One of their players, Noah Stein, had said that “I believe we have the potential to win many games this season and am excited to see the results at the end of the season,” said Stein.

Between each team, no matter the record, they are bringing energy to each game. They all plan on winning, but mostly improving throughout the season.