MHS presents ‘Alice in Wonderland’ after long wait

Caroline Wozniak, Reporter

Running from Nov. 19-21, Monroe High School will be showing the play Alice in Wonderland. MHS was unable to perform Alice in Wonderland in 2020 due to COVID-19, so this is the second time MHS has attempted to present the play. 

Alice in Wonderland’s director, Jeremy Kimberlin, said that it’s interesting directing a show he’s already directed once, a show that nobody was able to see.

 “It has been interesting to try and redo a show that never made it to the public- keeping some parts the same, but reblocking scenes to make the show feel fresh with a (mostly) new cast,” said Kimberlin. 

One of the new cast members is Senior Alexia Barton who will be playing the Mad Hatter. She also is an editor for The Lotus Leaf and the President of NHS. She is feeling a little stressed with all the responsibilities she has, but is loving being a part of the show.  

“Stressed is one word for what I’m feeling.” Barton said, “When you’re involved in a lot of things you have to learn to prioritize. It’s a lot of time but it’s worth it in the end. You won’t be in high school forever.”

Barton also elaborated on what it’s like to play such a fun, eccentric character. 

“I like to step outside of myself and be in this character that is actually psychotic,” she said, “The Mad Hatter is very up and down, over the top. You have to be able to flip a switch on and off.”

Senior Cailin Molenda who plays the Queen of Hearts, has similar feelings as Barton about her role. 

“I enjoy the level of insanity I get to bring out,” shared Molenda. “It relieves some stress for me.”

Molenda also said that she’s looking forward to just having fun with the cast and crew, and she’s pleased with the people she gets to work with. 

“I think this year’s cast is fantastic,” Molenda said, “I’m very happy to be working with everyone.”