OPINION: Christmas cheer belongs before Thanksgiving

Alexia Barton, Assistant Print Editor

Christmas season is such an amazing time of the year. From buying and wrapping gifts, baking and decorating cookies, to singing Christmas carols, there are so many activities to do during the Christmas season! But if people begin the celebrations early, there is more time to do these activities that they love. Therefore, Christmas should absolutely be celebrated before Thanksgiving.

This debate is brought up every year, whether people should be able to start having their holiday fun in early November, or have to wait until after Thanksgiving. The fact of the matter is that people should be able to celebrate early without any judgement from others. 

When it comes to Thanksgiving, there are a lot of unenjoyable aspects. From the overall bad history that is involved in the holiday itself, to being forced to spend time with family for multiple hours. When it comes to Christmas, at least that time with family is spent giving and receiving gifts and getting to enjoy the fun decorations. Why wouldn’t you want to indulge in this sooner?

Also, Thanksgiving is a holiday that only needs one day to celebrate. People are not going around town listening to Thanksgiving music and going to see the Thanksgiving decorations. So, why would you not take that time to decorate for Christmas and enjoy the Christmas festivities that there is not enough time for in December.

It is understandable that people do not want to skip Thanksgiving. However, when people decorate and start early celebrations for Christmas, they are not skipping Thanksgiving, but rather, they are preparing for the holiday season in general. They spend the beginning of November celebrating Christmas, take a break for Thanksgiving and go back to Christmas. This said, the overarching lesson is that in all reality, nobody is getting hurt by celebrating Christmas early, so it should not matter regardless. Let people spread their Christmas cheer when they choose to do so, even if that is before Thanksgiving.