OPINION: Lack of communication made cap and gown switch worse

Alexia Barton, Assistant Print Editor

Every year seniors eagerly wait for graduation day. Finally getting to walk across the stage on Buckleman Field and receive their diploma is a memory that students look forward to for their entire high school career. When imagining this moment, most graduating seniors picture themselves in the traditional white and red gowns that previous graduating senior classes have worn for years, but this year, a change came unexpectedly.

It is great that the school is doing something that includes everyone, regardless of race, gender, or orientation, so all can feel equal on graduation day. It also would lead to students looking more uniform and connected on this milestone day. The biggest problem, however, is the lack of communication that was given to seniors regarding their plans to change the gowns.

The senior class of ‘22 should have been a part of the conversation instead of just telling the class that this is the direction they are taking concerning graduation. This lack of communication between the school and the students is very frustrating.

Another problem is that the administration waited until the time came to order our cap and gowns. The school claims that this has been the plan for years, but if this is true, then it would have been nice to talk to the senior class it would be immediately affecting. They could have received feedback on if we wanted to change the gowns, or even just get a heads up.

The school administration, however, did a good job of taking these concerns into consideration once they were voiced. On one Friday in Oct., school leadership put out a poll for which design of red robes they would like to wear, and the results that followed were very upsetting for students. Next Friday, the school administration had a new poll to decide if we should even wear all red caps and gowns. The idea to put out the new survey to see if the original red and white gowns  are desired, helps people to see that the problems will be listened to and considered amidst the confusion. 

At the end of the day, high school graduation is such a big occasion that people only get to experience once in their lives, and remember it forever. The high school has traditionally worn solid white and solid red attire on graduation for years. This sudden change was sprung upon the senior class of ‘22 and should have been formally discussed with all seniors and not just faculty. No matter what communication and consideration come afterwards, the lack of respect the current senior class feels from the high school administration is very upsetting