Monroe Varsity Volleyball team plays Teal Attack game to raise money for ovarian cancer

Alexia Barton, Assistant Print Editor

Monroe High School volleyball teams played their “Teal Attack” games to raise money for ovarian cancer on Oct. 21.

This year’s game against Ida High School had about 800 people in attendance and raised a total of $4,385.51 

Started in 2015 by St. Mary’s Catholic Central, teams across Michigan play in the annual match to help fund research on the topic.

Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance said it is important for people to know about this topic because it affects women everywhere.

“MIOCA is so appreciative of the many teams who have partnered with us to raise awareness of ovarian cancer. Because ovarian cancer affects females of all ages, it is especially critical to reach high school and college aged women” according to the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

Senior Kamryn Bice said she sees Teal Attack as the game that means the most in the season because of everything that it stands for.

“I view the Teal Attack game as much more than just a game. Both teams are coming together to support a cause that we care about,” Bice said, “It is always a great way to raise money and I am glad that we are able to do something like that.

Freshman Zoe Leach said her first Teal Attack game was a great and memorable experience.

“We really went all out. We all colored our hair and got a bunch of shirts and changed our shoelaces,” Leach said, “I think it is interesting because there’s so many people there, like more than usual, so that was fun.”

Bice said that she was so happy to play in her last Teal Attack and the team always has a great time playing.

“Playing in my last Teal Attack was so much fun. It is always the game we look forward to the most because we go all out and have a blast.”