Monroe High School Marching Band aces MSBOA competition


Emilia McLeod

The Trojan Marching Band begins their trek across the field for the homecoming halftime show. They began with a rendition of popular pop songs.

Peyton Renwick, Reporter

The Monroe High School Marching Band took part in a Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association (MSBOA) competition after missing out for a year, and they played phenomenally.

The festival took place in Flat Rock, and is a recurring event every year. There, judges that have been in music for years rated the band based off of its visual performance, sound performance, and general effect. The band plays as a whole, mixing all of the different grades of students. They ended up scoring all ones in all of their categories, giving them a perfect score for the day. 

Many other schools had shown up, but they were only judged based on themselves, and were not compared to other teams, or ranked. In short, they are judged based on a standard. Although they were not ranked, their expectations were set high from the last time they competed, where they got all twos. They set them even higher this year with their perfect scores. One senior expressed this afterwards.

“I thought the performance was great. The ratings were expected to be high, but the hard work we put in for this performance made it all worth it.” Senior Laurencya Snodgrass claimed.

It clearly showed that the band kids were excited to get back out there, since they had missed a whole year full of opportunities. Compared to other years, they have improved greatly.

“Me, along with other seniors, all really enjoyed the opportunity to do this one last time, and with it, we made high expectations for what’s next,” Senior Connor Solomon said. 

Last time they had performed, they had gotten all twos. They had put a lot of heart into it this year, especially the drum majors who had to step up and lead many people. Joseph Swinkey, the band teacher, had also explained how he could not be more proud, and that they have improved so much. Congratulations to the Monroe High School band, and good luck next year.