PPI prepares to launch “IMatter” mental health campaign

Isabella Cicero, Reporter

Mental health is an important subject in 2021, especially for teenagers. Monroe High School’s Positive Peer Influence student organization is shining light on mental health with their “IMatter” mental health campaign. 

Junior and member of PPI, Tess Eshenroder, explained that the campaign is to spread awareness that everyone is appreciated for something, and it’s important that they know that.

“Letting people know why you appreciate them makes a big difference and is helpful in any relationship with others,” Eshenroder said. 

Senior Kenzie Mielke, third-year member of PPI, also shared a bit about the meaning of “IMatter.” She said that through the campaign, PPI wants to address the mental health resources that are available for teens, and talk about the stigma concerning mental health. Mielke also says that the campaign is a reminder to let everyone know they are cared for: “As it says in the campaign, that they matter,” shared Mielke.

Mielke also shared crucial information: that the “IMatter” campaign date changed to Nov. 5, and that’s when students are to wear their “IMatter” t-shirts, that PPI has been selling for $6. The last day to purchase the shirts was Oct. 15. 

Carol Anteau, the teacher in charge of the PPI organization, is very proud of her students and the campaign. 

“The ‘IMatter’ campaign is really focused on getting our pictures of the students with someone who matters to them,” Anteau says. 

PPI’s overall goal is to help the MHS students and make sure no student is left suffering from mental health problems in the dark. They are shining light on the issue and reminding all the students they matter.