Monroe High School installs new TVs; Students react

Gabriella Anderson, Chief Print Editor

In recent weeks Monroe Public Schools has been getting improvements, lots of those being new technology at the high school. In accommodation with recent upgrades to the school from the bond, MHS has been getting brand new 84” mounted TVs. 

Along with the new TVs MHS will be getting lots of other types of technology including Faster computers, larger LCD monitors, teacher assigned laptops, higher resolution document cameras, and new sound systems with voice amplification. 

Monroe Public Schools Technology Director David Payne explained to us the specific details of how our school has been able to get these new devices. 

“This project has been in the works for a while.Overall, talking to other school districts, most are moving away from projectors and switching to tv’s. Over the past few years the cost of tv’s has come down to a price point schools can afford.”

Senior Ashton Elmer, a student at MHS that recently got a new TV added to his class, shares his thoughts on the upgrade.

“I think it will be a really good addition to class, I know sometimes the projectors have a couple problems so I think these TVs will work much better and help class run smoother all around.” 

Senior Kamryn Bice, a student at MHS, said the TVs are a reasonable addition to school but also thinks the previous technology worked just as good. 

“They are a really good idea in theory, I think the boards we had before worked fine as well but it’s good to see the school getting some upgrades,” said Bice.