MHS hosts in-person 2021 Homecoming dance

Gabriella Anderson, Chief Print Editor

Monroe High School got to hold its annual homecoming dance this past Saturday, Oct. 2 at 7 p.m. The dance was scheduled to be on the football field but last minute changes caused by weather brought the dance indoors to the gym. 

All students were required to wear masks indoors per MPS rules but other than that precaution, the dance itself looked pretty normal. 

Class of 2022 Advisor Rebecca Molenda tells some of the changes to the dance and how students handled those changes. 

“I think that students transitioned fairly well. We had masks available, and we were still able to hold the dance and it didn’t have to be canceled because of weather,” Molenda said. 

Molenda also shared her thoughts on the dance as a whole and touched on the large amount of tickets sold. 

“I think it went great. We had students stay longer than I’d ever seen them stay and we had more tickets sold than we’ve probably had in a very long time,” Molenda said. “I think most students were just happy to be back.” 

Student Council Advisor Jeremy Kimberlin said the decisions behind moving the dance indoors and the changes that followed. 

“The call was made early enough to allow us to have a more traditional dance experience, in terms of decorations, we got the coat room setup. Making the call early enough allowed us to make those adjustments,” Kimberlin said. 

Senior Mckenna Freeman said she was impressed by the event.

“I thought the school did a good job trying to make the night really fun for us, and I enjoyed it myself,” Freeman said.