Students reflect on six-hour scheduling versus block scheduling upon return to school

Alexia Barton, Assistant Print Editor

As students returned to MHS, they were greeted with many changes to the way school is run. From mask policies to changes in the wings, it has taken some time to get used to the new way. One of the largest changes that was noticed by the upperclassmen, however, was the change from the old block schedule to the new six-hour day.

The old schedule contained eight classes on a two-day rotation. It gave students a break from each class, as well as the ability to have more flexibility in their schedule. Now, MHS has switched over to a six-period schedule, where students have each of their classes every day. 

Senior Erika Stepp said that she preferred the old schedule because of the break that it offered from the classes.

“I feel more stressed because with block scheduling, I had a free day for homework,” Stepp said. “Now, I feel rushed with everything back to back.”

Senior Olivia Beeler said that she enjoys the change because it is easier to keep track of her classes.

“I think block scheduling made it easy to forget things you needed for classes like homework and books, but with the six hours, the day goes by quicker and I can just keep all of my stuff in my bag,” Beeler said.

Junior Gabby Forrester said she liked the block schedule more because of the flexibility it gave in her schedule.

“I preferred block scheduling because I was able to fit more classes into my schedule, and it helped divide up the work between all eight classes,” Forrester said.

Senior Dylan Evans pointed out that while the six hours feel longer, it saves him from wasting time.

“I think it makes the day feel longer, but it definitely saves us time from sitting in classes that are just boring,” Evans said.

Overall, students are still very divided. Some lean towards the former block scheduling because of the extra time and scheduling opportunities it offered. Meanwhile, others prefer the present six-hour scheduling because it is easier to keep track of and makes classes shorter. Regardless, for now, MHS is on the six-hour schedule, whether students prefer it or not.