COLUMN: Freshman welcomes being in-person again

Peyton Renwick, Reporter

This is my first year in high school, making me a freshman. I personally feel that coming back to school once again is great. The only issue is adapting to the feeling again. Not only that, but it’s a new school, with a lot more classes. 

The first week that I was here had me anxious, and I was worrying that I would have a hard time finding classes. The more I walked around, the better I could navigate each wing and the classes. I also had help from other students, too. 

As I was getting used to the classes, I had a schedule change, meaning I would have to get used to a new schedule. This only interrupted two classes, but it also caused a chain reaction throughout my whole schedule. It really upset me, but I ended up getting used to it pretty quickly. 

Although I have had my share of struggles, I am just happy to be back. 

On zoom, I had a hard time passing my classes and constantly getting distracted, mainly by my phone. There are fewer distractions in classes. I have realized how much easier it is when a teacher is in the same room. Also, the teachers can actually give us the lessons that benefit us the most.

The thing I like about high school is the amount of freedom I have. The teachers give you a quick lesson, but the rest is up to you. Whether that means studying or taking notes. I felt limited in middle school, but high school has treated me differently.

Every time I am struggling, I remember that I have it easier than before, and am grateful for the opportunity. I am happy I will be able to experience my freshman year in person, since I missed over half of my eighth-grade year. I look forward to making the most of my year, and I hope you do, too.