OPINION: MHS’ temperatures are inconsistent and uncomfortable

Mackenzie Longfellow, Assistant Social Media and Web Editor

Monroe High School students were able to come back in person this year after a long year and a half of remote learning. When coming into the building, students could see the new carpets, bathrooms of B wing, and even feel the difference in the air as the air conditioning system has been replaced. However, this new system has not yet been built into all the wings. So, while some are comfortable, others are the opposite. When walking into the Commons, and even through D wing, the temperature is nice and pleasant. As long as you are dressed for the weather of the day, you should be fine, but upon entering A wing, the temperature may drastically change. It wasn’t like this before, though, A wing had been comfortable enough to teach and attend class, but what happened?

In B wing, everything is nice and new from the floor to the ceiling, but some students say that it is freezing. Though the weather called for it to be 75 degrees, they still find themselves layering up. Admittedly, this wouldn’t be an issue if it were consistent. However, in the other wings of the school, the temperature is a completely different story.

In A wing, it’s the entire opposite from the aforementioned B wing. Instead of layering up, some classrooms have fans blowing in an attempt to cool the students down. This presents an issue just beyond comfort. No one can focus in a room that is distractingly humid. No one wants to learn in a room that’s hotter than the actual weather outside. It’s ridiculous that it’s almost refreshing when there is a fire drill, just to be able to get out of the stuffy room. 

It’s true that the building is undergoing construction. Some areas of the school (such as B wing) have already been improved, and the school will continue to improve as time passes, but why is A wing still affected so much? It wasn’t like this before, shouldn’t the building have been ready for 1600 students to come into school? Regardless, A wing probably won’t be a sauna forever, but until then, students may want to consider bringing a jacket to B wing and tearing it off in A wing.