MHS Administrative Assistant Margie Assenmacher reflects on career

Gabriella Anderson, Chief Editor

 Monroe High Administrative Assistant Margie Assenmacher, who works out of lower A wing on all the club accounting, has been working at MPS for 36 years and had decided to retire after this long, hectic year. 

Assenmacher has worked in various positions at MPS since she began. She has worked as an assistant teacher at raisinville, worked with special education teachers at MHS, as an Administrative Assistant for the Media Center, and the position she currently holds as Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper for the Athletic Office.

Assenmacher has had many experiences at MPS over the years and shares some of those memories. 

“Watching my three boys and three of my grandchildren graduate from MHS…I was so proud, she said. “I’ll miss the people, the sports atmosphere, and making ‘Goodies’ for my co-workers,”

She said she has grown close to her fellow staff members at MHS and appreciates all their hard work.

“D. Ray, he would give anyone the shirt off his back to help; he’s always there, no matter what. And Steve Pollzzie, this goes back years, but when he was student teaching here at MHS and his station was in the Media Center, I will never forget him riding on the book cart.  That still sticks in my head, and we sure had some fun times back then,” Assenmacher said. 

Assenmacher gave insight into her job and as a parting message to students that even though she’s retiring, she will still always be available to help. 

“MPS has been a wonderful place to work all these years,” she said. “Everyone has been so kind, thoughtful, supportive and appreciative of what I do.  This job involves a lot more than what meets the eye. I will miss all of you.  I am only an email, a text, or a phone call away.”