MHS alumni Emily Rassell finds success as aerospace engineer

Alexia Barton, Page Editor

Many alumni from MHS leave their lives in Monroe to go and do other things in the world. Emily Rassell is one of those alumni who left Monroe and after graduation, became an aerospace engineer.

Rassell graduated from the University of Michigan College of Engineering in December 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and a minor in Computer Science. She is now pursuing her Masters in Space Engineering through the Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies Program from which she is on track to graduate in December of 2021.

Rassell’s degree has prepared her to work on various spacecraft technologies such as designing flight softwares and orbital mechanics. She currently holds a position in Denver, Colorado, where she works in the summer with Lockheed Martin Space on the Orion program which delivers NASA with the first deep-space, human-rated capsule. 

In high school, Rassell was involved in many extracurricular activities such as being a chief editor in Lotus Leaf, being on the varsity tennis team all four years, and volunteering weekly at the soup kitchen. 

Rassell said that her time at MHS taught her how to find balance in her daily life.

“Holding a part time job, making sure I finished my homework on time, and staying involved in extracurriculars was a lot to juggle,” Rassel said. “But, learning how to stay organized was an invaluable skill that I’ve used in college and my job.”

Rassell studied abroad for a year in China and said that she found out more about what her education meant for her.

“I realized that my education was about more than just taking classes; it was about trying new things and learning to provide for myself in complex situations,” Rassell said. “For me, changing up my location and my habits are a necessary part of staying motivated and re-assessing my long-term goals.”