MHS librarian Mary Bullard reflects on career, gives future generations advice

Gabby Wood, Reporter

After 25 years of teaching at Monroe High School, librarian Mary Bullard will retire at the end of this school year.

Bullard has been working in a library since age 14. She later went to college to get her master’s degree in both library science and reading. 

Bullard believes that reading is an essential part to everyday lives and she encourages students to open up a book.

“Reading is one of those lifetime skills, no matter how old you are, where you live, or how much money you have. Books can open doors to new learning and interests,” said Bullard.

Her favorite memory at MHS is when the home economics class had a fake wedding at school.

“They ended up having it here (the library). They went through the whole thing, bride and groom, procession music, a little catering in here,” She said laughing. 

As a parting message to MHS students, Bullard wants to highlight the importance of taking a break from video games and social media to pick up a book.

“Don’t discount books. There is so much you can get, like personal growth and entertainment. It gives us a lifetime package where if you can read and enjoy discovering new things in books, it is something that you will carry with you,” Bullard said.