MHS alumni Korey Wichowski continues service in U.S. military

Isabella Cicero, Reporter

After graduating high school, many young adults don’t know what they want to do with their life. That was not the case for MHS Alumnus Korey Wichowski. Wichowski graduated in 2007 and entered the Army in 2008. 

Wichowski attended basic training in Fort Benning, Georgia. Shortly after, he was deployed from 2010-2011 in Wardak Afghanistan. There, he served as a line medic.  

When Wichowski arrived home, he had a permanent change of duty to Fort Knox, Kentucky. In Fort Knox, he was assigned to the 3rd Brigade 1st Infantry Division 6/4 Cavalry. There, he served as a senior line medic and helped prepare the unit at the time for deployment. 

In 2014, he transitioned to the hospital on Fort Knox as the leader for the emergency department. A year later, Wichowski received orders to serve in Korea at Camp Humphreys. In Korea he was assigned as a 3rd General Support Aviation Battalion and 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade and served as Flight Medic to assist the United States Army and South Korea Peninsula

Wichowski made his time in Korea productive as he took online classes through Kaplan University. He went on to receive his associates degree in health science. 

He once again received orders for a transfer in 2016. This time, they were ordering him to go to 10th Sustainment Brigade 10th Mountain in Fort Drum, New York. There, he served as the senior medic. Wichowski also managed the medical readiness for over 1,200 soldiers. 

He wasn’t in New York for long when he was assigned to Fort Sam Houston Texas in 2017. There, he would be training to be a Flight Paramedic at the University of Texas Health Science Center. After Wichowski graduated in 2018 he went back to Fort Drum, New York. 

Wichowski is currently located at the Charlie Company 3rd Brigade 10th Mountain General Support Aviation Brigade as a Flight Paramedic. He has accomplished a lot during his time at Fort Drum.

“During my time here at Fort Drum, I have deployed to Afghanistan (2019-2020) and have also provided medical support to Fort Drum and the surrounding Communities,” Wichowski said.

Wichowski said he is not done serving his country. Right now, he is seeking to get promoted to Sergeant First Class and continue to move up the ranks,. “(I need) to serve an additional seven years to be able to retire in 2028,” he said. “I am hoping that within those next seven years that I will receive the opportunity to be able to serve as an instructor and teach the new upcoming medics within the army and continue my path to becoming a senior leader so that I may lead my future Soldiers to whatever may come.”