Retiring MHS business teacher Joni Weaks reflects on service at Monroe High

Gabby Wood, Reporter

After nearly 38 years of teaching at MHS, teacher Joni Weaks will be retiring at the end of this school year.

Weaks went to college to be an elementary teacher but not too long after, she realized she missed the business classes she took at Monroe High as a student. This realization was her inspiration to become a business teacher at MHS.

One of Weak’s favorite memories during her years at MHS was traveling with her Business Professionals of America students.

“I went to a lot of amazing places with young students that have never flown before, never been in the big cities,” she said. “I was blessed by being able to take these students to Anaheim, California, Dallas, Texas, Boston, Massachusetts, Reno, Nevada, and Grand Rapids.”

Weaks’ favorite part of teaching at MHS was giving back to the community.

“White Christmas was probably my favorite here. We used to go on a bus; we would go to people that are less fortunate. We would take them gifts during school,” said Weaks.

With tears in her eyes, Weaks shared her parting advice to all current students and the students that will join the MHS family in the future.

“Students always need to work hard, make good decisions, be kind to others, laugh, and pick a job that you are passionate about,” she said.