This week in Detroit sports

Zak Everett, Reporter

This week, I will be reviewing Detroit Pistons basketball, Detroit Tigers baseball and Detroit Red Wings hockey and assigning them a grade on how they did from Monday, May 3, to Sunday, May 9.

Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons went 1-4 this week getting their win against Memphis on Thursday. The Pistons are in full losing mode as they are a week away from locking down a top three worst record, which would give the Pistons a 14 percent chance to get the first pick. The Pistons have a huge game against Minnesota next Tuesday; if they lose it would almost lock one of the third worst records. Depending on how you want to look at this, only winning one out of five games is actually a successful week for the team. So that is how I will grade it — the Pistons are a few losses away from a top prospect. 

Grade: A-

Detroit Tigers 

The Tigers went 2-3 on the week, with an off day on Monday and a postponed game on Sunday due to the weather. The Tigers won their first game this week in dramatic fashion in the 10th inning. A Jeimer Candelario three run homer, in the top of the 10th, and then a clutch save by Michael Fulmer gave the Tigers a 6-5 victory. The bullpen struggled throughout the week but it has been a nagging issue all season. But after a huge drought offensively throughout the Tiger’s past few weeks, the Tigers found their offense a bit, averaging over six runs per game this week. The Tigers have improved after weeks of all around struggles. 

Grade: C+

Detroit Red Wings 

The Detroit Red Wings went 1-1 on the week and finished the season 19-27-10. The Red Wings season was a bit of a disappointment — no one thought they were a playoff-contending team, but they did not improve like people thought. As this week goes, the Red Wings had a very good and entertaining last two games of the season. The Wings beat the Blue Jackets 5-2 on a Jakub Vrana goal and assist. On Saturday the Wings lost 5-4 in overtime. The Red Wings had a good end to an all together disappointing season.

Grade: B

With the Red Wings season over and the Pistons playing for draft picks, the Tigers are the only team left who can make an impact and still have a successful season. The Tigers will need to change their ways to become successful, but they still have a chance.