MPS to return to in-person learning

Alexia Barton, Page Editor

MPS announced Thursday that all students will be able to return to in-person learning beginnings May 11. Shortly thereafter, MHS sent out its new schedule to return its students to the high school building two days per week. The remote option still remains available to students. 

The new schedule is very similar to the schedule the students had been following the past few weeks with live lessons keeping to the 9 a.m.-noon time frame. 

Students with last names A through K will be in person Monday and Tuesday while L through Z will go on Wednesday and Thursday. 

When not in the building for in-person learning, these students will be required to join remote students for live classes on Zoom. Asynchronous learning will continue to be offered in the afternoons. 

In a letter sent out to families, Superintendent Dr. Julie Everly said cases have been down lately, so it is a good time for students to return to the building.

“Positivity rates have been dropping over the past two to three weeks,” Everly said. “Due to the improved health data, we have begun making plans to welcome students back to our school.”

Senior Erica Wood said she is staying home so she does not put her major senior events at risk.

“Since so many students were quarantined after the last time MHS went back to in-person, I did not want to have to risk having to quarantine from big events like prom or graduation,” Wood said.

Junior Kayleigh Mester said she is undecided on whether she wants to go back to the building or not.

“I haven’t made up my mind yet because I don’t want to get quarantined if something happens,” Mester said, “and on the other hand, I felt the most motivated the week we did go back in March.”