Mask mandate extended to children 2 and up

Isabella Cicero, Reporter

With COVID cases surging in the state of Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has extended the mask mandate to children of the age of two and up which goes to May 24 (clickondetroit). 

Talk of extending the mask mandate to younger children has been talked about as early as January. 

The Whitmer administration released this statement on the new mask mandate for young children, “a good faith effort to ensure these children wear masks while in gatherings at childcare facilities or camps” (Detroit News). 

Lucy McGororn, an assistant professor of research at Wayne state university shared some ideas for parents, “Maybe finding a mask in their favorite color, maybe they have a favorite cartoon character that they could find a mask with. Anything you can do to get a child to let them make choices” (WXYZ). 

The CDC has suggested young children wear masks before Whitmer made it a requirement.  

According to Detroit News Michigan has led the country in new cases for around two weeks.

Whitmer’s order calls for all restaurants to be at 50 percent capacity or lower and a 15  person limit on neighborhood gatherings (Detroit News). 

COVID rates in children have been higher than ever now in the pandemic (WXYZ).

Schools, daycare centers, and doctors have been encouraging small children to wear masks by making them seem fun and cool. 

Kids of any age two or older have to wear a mask on school busses as well (Fox 17). 

Now with the vaccine being available about 30 percent of Michigan’s residents of 16 and older have been vaccinated (Detroit News).

Bridge Michigan tells readers if you are concerned about your child not following the mask mandate, you need to focus on being a good role model by wearing your mask when necessary, and WXYZ tells their readers to not push or discipline your child if they don’t cooperate at first.