Murder of Sarah Everard highlights sexual assault problem

Caterina Mignano, Reporter

On Wednesday, March 3, Sarah Everard was reported missing. Everard is from South London and was last seen alive leaving her friends house to walk home, on the phone with her boyfriend. On March 9, 48 year-old police officer Wayne Couzens was taken into custody for suspicion of kidnapping. March 5, a body was found by investigators and it has been confirmed that it is the body of Sarah Everard and there are signs of sexual assault (NBC)

When the news of her missing was public many people have been sharing their assault survivor stories with the world and encouraging more people to come out with their stories because sexual assault is a big problem.

Ninety-seven percent of women ages 18-24 have been sexually assaulted, including catcalling, unwanted sexual attention, unwanted pictures being taken, and rape. Ninety-seven percent is a large number that does not even include children.

There is a new hashtag: #NOTALLMEN, which describes the argument that not all men are committing these heinous crimes. However, it is important to understand that all women are the targets.

It’s very sad that the murder of Sarah Everard had to be the case that shined the light on sexual assault. It is not the clothes you wear that makes people take advantage of you. Sarah was covered top to bottom in clothing and to feel safe she was on the phone with her boyfriend. We are taught to believe cops will keep us safe and protect us from bad but there are some sick men out there who take advantage of their power and do sick things. Sarah had a life, she had dreams and goals but that was all ripped away from her because of officer Wayne Couzens.