Duke of Edinburgh Prince Phillip passes away


From AP News: artist Kaya Mar holds a portrait of Prince Phillip prior to his funeral on April 17.

Caterina Mignano, Reporter

On April 9, Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh passed away from natural causes in the Windsor Castle (also known as the Buckingham Palace). Prince Phillip was treated in the hospital for a blocked artery and had immediate heart surgery, staying in the hospital for about a month. Many believed the surgery would not go well because of his old age, but he recovered well and was able to come home. (CNN.com) 

Prince Phillip will have a ceremony for his death which will not be as extravagant as usual because he requested for “no big fuss.” He will be buried in the Windsor castle. 

Now that Prince Philip has died, The Royal Family will observe two weeks of mourning. Royal engagements will continue where appropriate. 

“Whilst this is a time of sadness and mourning the coming days will be an opportunity to celebrate a remarkable life,” a spokesman for the Palace said.

A week after the Prince’s death Queen Elizabeth made her first public appearance conducting her Royal duties (BBC). Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip got married on Nov. 20, 1947, and are third cousins. Despite that, they have had 74 years of marriage and the Prince has stayed by her side (ABC).