OPINION: Social media has a positive impact on the world


Mandy Petkovich, Reporter

Social media and the internet makes what seemed impossible possible in ways that people years ago would have never seen. There are new ways to share information and for people to work together against a common enemy. The internet as a whole has an abundance of information for those who want to better themselves.

Apps like Instagram and Tik Tok make it possible for small businesses to reach people they wouldn’t normally reach. The videos reach people based on what they have already liked on their “for you” page. Customers are able to have a more personal connection with the business owner when they follow them. This also helps people with ambition get ahead in their business without having to find investors and pay for marketing.

The internet in general whether it be an email or through social media allow people all over the world to connect. The only way, other than mail, to talk to my friends in Switzerland is through Snapchat, Instagram, or Whatsapp. This also helps me make plans to come see them when they are allowed. 

Cultures are also shared on these platforms in a way like never before. Without traveling to the country you can find someone who is sharing their culture. This also helps bring attention to issues all around the world that would have not gotten the air time they deserve. The sharing of cultures will help the world be more peaceful because people will understand each other and work together.

Another way is that the sharing of information helps people like doctors learn about other cases to save their patients lives. It helps big companies do background checks so that someone dangerous doesn’t have access to your bank information. This sharing of information helps innovators innovate.

In times of crisis this is also another avenue for people to get help. If someone is stuck on their roof during a flood they can call the fire department. Just in case the telephone lines go down, the same department has a way for people to message them on Facebook to get help. Especially now with the global pandemic, people can’t speak face to face so they can use social media instead of infecting more people. This also helps kids stay in school while they can’t see people and this will come in handy later for when the weather doesn’t allow people to get together. 

Some people will say that these technologies make people incapable of having human interaction, but while technology hasn’t helped the issue, people have always had a hard time talking to people. Today, when so many people get easily offended, it is hard for someone to work out a good conversation. Also another argument is that it is too much information for the youth of today but in an ever-changing world shouldn’t they be prepared? Before the invention of trains people may have thought that kids should be held back because of their travel limitations. Technology can be used as a tool as long as it is not used too much that it becomes a crutch. 

Overall social media and technology is not a necessity but more of a tool for people to use in modern day life. People can communicate, learn, and train harder than they could before. What everyone thought was impossible like a cure for cancer or world peace can be achieved if everyone everywhere works together. Social media is the first step in making that possible.