Freshmen report for first week of in-person learning

Gabby Wood, Reporter

On Monday, March 8, freshman students entered the building for their first week of hybrid learning. The freshmen were introduced to the building a week before the upperclassmen to receive tours and get acquainted with the school. Freshmen with last names starting with A-K learned in person on Monday and Wednesday, while freshmen with last names starting with L-Z learned in person on Tuesday and Thursday.

The days that students were not in the building, they received asynchronous work to complete at home. All students had a remote half day on Friday.

9th grade principal Michael Foley thought the first week went very well.

“The first week for freshmen was a success, students transitioned between classes efficiently.  We did not experience any negative issues this week,” said Foley.

Freshman Christopher Mester enjoyed his first week back and prefers in person learning over remote learning.

“The social aspect of school helps me learn more and stay attentive,” Mester said.

Freshman Violet Soule had a successful week in person but prefers learning at home.

“It’s easier to finish my work at home where there are no distractions,” Soule states.

Masks and social distancing were required at all times with exception of lunch. Foley said he believed freshmen did very well following the safety precautions.

“The freshmen did a great job respecting all safety measures this week. Students practiced social distancing and properly wore their masks,” Foley said.

The freshman office is located in C-120 if 9th graders need any assistance in the following weeks. Upperclassmen will join the freshmen in the building on Monday, March 15.