COLUMN: NCAA tournament bracket revealed: what does it mean for MSU and Michigan?


Zak Everett, Reporter

NCAA Tournament bracket revealed; What it means for Michigan State, and Michigan?

Michigan seed: 1 

To no one’s surprise Michigan got the No.1 seed in the NCAA Tournament out of the East region. Michigan plays the winner of 16 seed Texas Southern and 16 seed Mount Saint Mary’s. Michigan’s region, the No.2 seed is Alabama, the No.3 seed is Texas, and the No.4 seed is Florida State. This is a very favorable region for Michigan, they could beat every team in this region. 

Prediction: A loss in the Elite Eight


Michigan State seed: 11 play in game

One of the more controversial committee decisions this year, Michigan has to play UCLA in the “First four” game. Many people thought Michigan State was locked in to get a bye, but the 9-11 conference record along with the loss to Maryland in the first round of the Big Ten Tournament cost Michigan State. If Michigan State beats UCLA they will play BYU in the round of 64. 

Prediction: Loss in the Round of 64