Actress Tanya Roberts passes away

Caterina Mignano, Reporter

On Thursday, Dec. 24, actress Tanya Roberts collapsed after walking her dogs at her home and was rushed to the hospital. With no reports on how her condition was in the hospital, Roberts’ Publicist Mike Pingel told media outlets that she had passed away on Jan. 3, and that false news of her death spread all over the internet and even  her wikipedia page was changed . 

On Jan. 4, Roberts’ partner Lance O’Brien was informed that she had not passed away but that she  was in very critical condition in the hospital and was put on a ventilator, Later that day at 9 p.m., O’Brien was informed that she had passed away. The cause of death has not been given (CNN).

Tanya Roberts formerly known as Victoria Leigh Blum was born in the Bronx on Oct. 15,1955. Roberts started her career at the young age of 15 when she ran away from home to become a model. The first time she hit the screens was back in 1976 in a horror film called the “Last Victim.” Roberts most known tv appearances would be in “Charlie’s Angels” with Farrah Faucett and Jaclyn Smith and “That 70s Show” where she would play the ditzy blonde mother of Donna Pinciatti where she would later leave the show in season 4 due to her husband falling ill.  She would later reappear in later seasons. Roberts last on screen appearance was back in 2005 on a tv show called “Barbershop” (New York Times).

 Tanya Roberts will be remembered as a beautiful and talented actress who has debuted in many hit productions over the years of her career.

Rest In Peace