‘Driver’s License’ becomes most-streamed song in the world

Gabby Wood, Reporter

Olivia Rodrigo’s new single “Driver’s License” dropped on Jan. 8 and has broken multiple records worldwide.

Spotify announced that “Driver’s License” broke its record for most streamed song in a day on Jan. 11. It then beat its own record on Jan. 12.

Rodrigo’s heartbreaking song also broke Amazon Music’s record for “the biggest first week streaming debut ever globally.”

In addition, as of Jan. 17, it is currently the most played song on Apple Music worldwide.

The song has become so popular amongst teens that relate to her experience with heartbreak.

Rodrigo, “High School Musical: The Musical — The series” star, wrote this song following a devastating breakup.

After breaking down the lyrics, fans believe the song was written about the love triangle between her co-star Joshua Bassett, Rodrigo’s ex-boyfriend, and former Disney star Sabrina Carpenter.

The song includes the lyric, “I guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that song about me.” 

Fans believe this is a reference to Bassett’s song “Anyone Else.”

The lyric, “How am I supposed to think about anything else” from “Anyone Else” leads the fans to believe that this is the song Rodrigo is referring to.

Following their breakup, Carpenter and Basset seemed to be in a relationship after they were seen being affectionate towards each other in public and on social media.

“You are probably with that blonde girl that always made me doubt,” Rodrigo wrote.

This line is important because Carpenter is known by her fans for her bright, blonde hair. 

A very prominent setback that Rodrigo and Bassett had when they were in a relationship was her age. She was 16 while he was 18. 

Rodrigo sang, “She’s so much older than me. She’s everything I’m insecure about.”

Carpenter is 21 years old, making her much older than Rodrigo. This lyric is one more hint towards who the song was written about.