Boy’s Varsity Soccer wraps up successful season

Delaney Setzler, Graphics Editor

Despite the hardships caused by the pandemic and the new rules and regulations, the Boys Varsity Soccer team managed to have a very successful season. For the first time in over 7 years, the boys managed to beat rival school Bedford not only once but three times total throughout the season. 

“COVID gave us a lot of setbacks during the preseason and actual season, we had to be extra careful to make sure everyone was healthy,” said senior Norberto Flores regarding the hardships throughout the season.

“But the team made it easier to cope with because even though we had to stay spaced out we still had fun all season,” Flores said.

Some of the boys even believe the shared struggles of the pandemic brought them closer together. 

Junior captain Jvon Miller claims “There was even more of bond in the team because of COVID, everyone enjoyed being together for practices games and it built the chemistry between players.”