MHS girl’s golf finishes season

Gabby Wood, Reporter

The 20-21 Monroe High varsity girls golf season wraps up with an overall score of six wins and seven losses. Juniors Mackenzie Mielke and Erin Mercer were selected for the 2020 ALL-SEC Red league team. Both girls were able to compete in this year’s regional tournament.

Mielke said she was shocked to hear that she had made the ALL-SEC team but she was very proud. 

“I only started playing freshman year but I have dedicated a lot of time to it so it was just an unreal moment and an accomplishment for me,” Mielke said.

Unlike other sports, covid-19 did not play a big part in the girl’s golf season. None of the scheduled matches were cancelled.

Freshman Olivia Gladieux said she feels fortunate that COVID-19 did not have much effect on the girls’ season.

“The only big precautions we had to take were social distancing and masks during the match,”  Gladieux said.

Varsity Coach Ernie Sellers said he was very proud of the girls after a win against a challenging team.

“Our biggest win was beating Saline, a very good team,” said Sellers.

Sellers said he was very impressed with how well the girls worked together this season. 

“They got along very well with each other and we never once had any problems,” said Sellers. “The girls are all friends and helped each other out, especially the first year players.”

Gladieux said she was very happy with the growth she had throughout the season.

“My favorite part of the season was at the end when I saw how much progress I had made,” said Gladieux.