MHS football finishes unusual season

Mandy Petkovich, Page Editor

Freshman Football

The Monroe High freshman football team finished its season brilliantly with an unbreakable record. They had a wonderful season winning against well known teams in the league like Saline and Jackson.

The team’s two highest winning scores were 56-6 against Pioneer and 26-8 against Saline. After losing the first half against Saline, the defense picked up the game and worked hard for the win.

Since the team had to abide by COVID-19 rules, the freshman class could not play its annual scrimmage with the junior varsity team. The whole team also tried its best to follow the guidelines that were announced by the CDC.

Coach Christopher Clark said that he feels this year’s team was one of the best in the history of Monroe High. Also, the team focused on school work as much as football.

“This is one of the best freshman teams we have ever had,” said Clark. “This team can be good, but they have to be students first and good students.”

JV Football

The Monroe High junior varsity football team finished its fall season with four losses and two wins. Overall, the season was a learning experience for the whole team.

The two winning scores were 28-18 and 33-6 with an average overall wins and losses of 21-22, which means the team was evenly matched within the league.

Covid-19 was a hurdle that the team had to get over at every turn. The season was shortened, the preworkout was not as long as usual, and overall, a battle of whether or not games were actually happening was constant. 

Deputy Joseph Hammond, the coach of JV, is proud of his team overall and glad that the team had the opportunity to get ready for maybe being on varsity next season.

“It was great for us to have the opportunity to play even though it was a shortened season. We have found our identity, and we have been able to get players into the right positions going forward into their varsity year,” said Hammond.

Varsity Football

The Monroe High varsity football season was a rollercoaster of wins and losses, but mostly wins. The team’s two losses didn’t prevent the guys from moving to the district game where they unfortunately lost.

Covid was a roadblock for the team this season, but they didn’t let that stop them from winning heroically against Jackson 41-14 and Pioneer 31-0.

The team also got to play a homecoming game and have senior night. For the last couple games the band was there to help them with morale. The whole team was supported by the school and the community through these trying times.