Protests intensify against government in Thailand

Isabella Cicero, Reporter

Student-led protests are being held in Thailand in favor of the resignation of the Prime Minister (NY Times).  While the protesters were trying to push Prime Minister Prayuth out of office, Prayuth made the statement that he would not quit (AP News).  Protesters first started protesting because they claim that the Prime Minister rigged last year’s election just so he could stay in charge

During protests on Oct. 16 the protesters got violently sprayed with water cannons. This action led to even larger protests. In addition, the most recent protests have been caused by COVID-19 restrictions that banned gatherings (BBC)

The New York Times stated that one of the protesters’ boldest requests other than the resignation of the prime minister is the limit of the monarchy.  The king is trying to make the crown wealth his own property, which would make him the richest person in Thailand, and that has caused many citizens to become furious (BBC).  

Thailand has something called the Lese Majeste Law. The Lese Majeste Law can be violated if anyone criticises the king, queen, or the heir-apparent. Anyone who violates this law can face up to 15 years in jail. This law has not stopped many students and citizens protesting for the resignation of the Prime Minister.

“Our fight isn’t over as long as  doesn’t resign. If within three days he doesn’t resign, he will face the people again,” activist Patsaravalee Tanakitvibulpon said about the Prime Minister (

After Patsaravlee made her statement she was arrested.