Whitmer requires restaurants to abide by ‘Contact Tracing’ regulations

Isabella Cicero, Reporter

As a result of Governor Whitmer’s new restaurant order, Michigan bar and restaurant customers must give their contact information to the restaurant. The state is recommending bars and restaurants to reject the Michigan customers who do not give their contact information but is not requiring them to do so (Detroit News). If the restaurant does not ask for contact information, it will be seen as a violation of Governor Whitmer’s order. 

“It is our hope that the majority of Michiganders will voluntarily comply with this requirement of restaurants and bars by providing this information that will assist with contact tracing if a positive case is connected with the facility,” said Lynn Sutfin, the Department of Health and Human Services Spokeswoman. 

The information which is required to be collected by the bars and restaurants is the customer’s name and phone number along with the date and the time the customer was in the facility (Fox 2 Detroit). 

MichiganContractTracing.com requires several steps for customers to follow. First, it tells them to scan a QR code and fill out your name, number and email. After filling out the information, it asks you to show your server. The website stated it is the perfect solution for tracking your guests to any restaurants and bar and that it has simple, easy access. 

“You’re limiting your restrictions to those who are infected, so you’re not having to lock down the whole population,” said Josh Petrie, a epidemiologist at the University of Michigan School of Public Health (BrigeMI).